Ultimate Road Trip Playlist For Your Next Adventure

Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

One of my absolute favorite things to do is get in my semi-environment-friendly SUV, load up on semi-healthy snacks and hit the road. Going on a solo road trip is my therapy. I get some alone time, I collect my thoughts, I reflect and plan for the future. Whether you are road tripping alone or in great company, good theme music is a must! Que in background music and your Ultimate Road Trip Playlist.

When I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles for a new professional opportunity, I packed my life into the above mentioned semi-environment-friendly SUV and drove across America. I saw places I’ve never seen before and hiking in many national parks on the way. Below is a playlist of my favorite songs to sing along (or yell uncontrollably) to while riding down Highway 1 in Big Sur, exploring Yosemite, Zion National Park, breathtaking canyons in Arizona or Ring Road in Iceland.

Ultimate Road Trip Playlist
Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

I tried to listen to audiobooks (Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks) to make my time on the road trip even more educational and entertaining. I found myself getting so sucked into the plot of “Pride and Prejudice” and yelling “No you didn’t, Mr. Darcy!!!” that I decided to get back to listening to music instead for everyone’s safety and sanity. I am a 90s baby who grew up in Eastern Europe therefore I playlist is full of energetic oldies and feel-good tunes. One of my beloved road trip songs is “Road Trippin'” by Red Hot Chili Peppers”.

Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

  1. No Doubt – Don’t Speak
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
  3. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
  4. Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait
  5. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
  6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Road Trippin’
  7. Phantom Planet – California
  8. No Doubt – Running
  9. Weezer – Island In The Sun
  10. The Cardigans – My Favourite Game

What did you think of my Ultimate Road Trip Playlist? What are your favorite songs to listen who when cruising down the highway? What style of music do you gravitate towards when driving? What lyrics are the best to butcher while screaming along in the car? Add your favorite road trip song below in comments!

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Ultimate Road Trip Playlist
Ultimate Road Trip Playlist