Perfect Day Trip to Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most iconic and recognizable destinations in Italy and Europe. But Venice is also pretty small and can be seen and explored, on foot, in less than one day. During my two-week trip through Europe, I was constrained for time and only had about 8 hours in Venice and my feet were ready for some serious walkin’! Here are my ideas on how to have a perfect day trip to Venice, Italy.

Perfect Day Trip to Venice, Italy

Arrive to Venice Santa Lucia

Venice is easily accessible by train, Venice’s main train station in Venice is called Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia.

Perfect Day Trip to Venice, Italy

Leave your bags at Deposito Bagagli for ~10 EURO

You wouldn’t want to drag your luggage with you down Venice’s streets so for roughly 10 EURO, you can leave your bags in Luggage storage or Deposito Bagagli. It is located on teh ground floor of the train station platform 1 and greets you as you get off the train. Picking up your bags is quick and easy, reserve about 10-15 minutes before you board your train out of Venice juts in case there is a line of folks trying to do the same exact thing.

Perfect Day Trip to Venice, Italy
Venice Italy near Ponte degli Scalzi

Walk to Rialto Bridge

This bridge connects (insert proper names of neighborhoods of Venice) the train station to the… rest of Venice that you actually want to see!

Wonder around Saint Mark’s Basilica + Piazza

Pigeons! Live Music! Delicious food and peach bellinis!

Grab Lunch overlooking the canals

I could not resist grabbing some delicious pasta when in Venice.

What to expect:

When I was walking around Venice, I felt a bit uneasy. It is odd to see such an ancient, beautiful and historic city floating on the water, walls covered in many colors (and mold)… full of Gucci and Chanel shops on every corner. Do not be surprised by how commercialized this place feels. I came by a street art piece in Venice that i felt represented exactly how i felt about what I saw in Venice.

Venice, Italy Street Art

 Don’t rent a goldola, take water bus

From Salute station all the way by Dorsoduro, back to the train station Ferrovia, it would take only 20-something minutes on a water bus. It may get a bit crowded but you get the same amazing views for a fraction of the price (one way ticket is $3-5 EURO). See map of Venice’s water bus stops.

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Walking map for your day in Venice, Italy

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Perfect Day in Venice, Italy
Perfect Day in Venice, Italy