About Me

Hi! My name is Lina and I am about to really disappoint you:

  • I did not quit my job  to become a full-time world traveler
  • I did not sell everything I own to fund my boundless wanderlust
  • I did not intend to make a living of a travel blog

If you are still reading, I am about to disappoint you some more.

I am just an ordinary 20-something young professional with goals and dreams, as well as  bills and liabilities. The latter ones  keep me based in Los Angeles, CA with a job in Investment Management which, luckily, I absolutely love. If you ask my colleagues and friends to describe me in one sentence it would be “She works like a horse“, but that domain name was taken so I went with the second thing they would say when describing me:

She likes travel.

Thing is, she loooooves travel (that domain was taken as well). But, like most of us, she has a couple of weeks vacation per year and time is her biggest enemy. Ok, I can stop talking in 3rd person now.

I don’t claim to have visited 58 countries, but I think i have figured out how to make the most out of every trip I take. I try to see and experience as much as i can in a limited time on a limited budget. I am analytical and data-driven, so I have done a lot of research before every trip and pretty much mastered an art of efficient travel. I have never stood in a single line in a foreign city and developed some pretty kick-ass itineraries for many European cities and USA destinations.

Getting lost in Eze 😄 📸@SheLikesTravel

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I started www.SheLikesTravel.com to share what I’ve learned while trying to balance my obsession with my 401k balance and my thirst to explore the world beyond my office building.


I hope you enjoy following me on my journey of part-time travelling and full-time obsession with figuring out how to explore the world, one vacation day at a time.

Sincerely, Lina